Able Clothing Review: Merly Denim and Maha Leather Jackets

October 7, 2022 By Missy
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We have been wearing Able clothing for over a year now, and the Merly Denim Jacket and the Maha Leather Moto Jacket are our favorites. We were originally introduced to them through Ailsa, @happygocurly_ . She convinced us we needed to try Able clothing because of their mission, size inclusion and quality of clothing.

Able’s mission is one of the reasons we love to support this brand. However, if you just want to get to the picks, here is a list:

Why I like to buy from Able Clothing

Able has a Lifetime Guarantee, yes lifetime! But on top of that they are a female owned, designed, and built business. Their mission is to challenge the fashion industry by creating transformative opportunities for women. They work to help end the poverty cycle, globally. They work to find suppliers and vendors who pay fair wages, use sustainable materials, and who have business goals aligned with theirs.

Their materials are top notch, and I have tried almost all of them! They started in leather, so you know it is good but their 14K gold filled jewelry does not fade, peel, or rub off like plated or dipped products. I wear my necklace 24/7 – pool, shower, you name it. And the cottons and denims they use for clothing are soft and durable. All of the Able pieces I have tried have a lived-in, vintage feel and I love it for comfort and style. In addition, a lot of their items come in more inclusive and generous (runs a tad large) XXS – 3X sizing. A great sustainable option for plus size, which is hard to find.

Our Able Clothing Favorites

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Merly Denim Jacket

The Merly Denim Jacket is an Able favorite because it feels vintage, in the best way. It is long, distressed, but not too distressed, and feels like you have had it since 2003. They have three different washes. I am wearing the 1X in the original wash below. Sarah is wearing the 3X in the clean wash.

If you are taller or want a longer denim jacket, they also have a Long Merly Jacket that still has the same relaxed fit, but is longer and seems to CYA (cover your butt).

Missy is wearing her Able favorite, the Merly Denim Jacket in 1X regular length in original wash here
Sarah is wearing a 3X here.

Maha Leather Jacket

The Maha Leather Jacket is an Able favorite because it is GORGEOUS. I have never had an authentic leather jacket until this one was gifted to me from Able. I did not realize how beautiful and soft the leather would turn out. It is supple, vintage-style leather and extremely comfortable. While the black (pictured below) is what I have, I eventually want to buy the whiskey color and the slate color.

Edited to add that Sarah ended up loving the look of my jacket so much, she also bought her own.

Missy is wearing the Maha Leather Jacket in black in a 1X. Runs slightly large.
Sarah is wearing the 1X here (Missy’s jacket) for a smaller look, but has a 3X, which ran true to size for her.

Other Able items we recommend:

Some of the things we have purchased this year from Able and love are the following, all of which are included in the 40% off! We also have a few things that we think are cute and want to buy! If you would like to see our commentary, just hover over the circle with the i in it in the upper left corner.