2022 Black Friday Holy Grail Sales

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A place for a round up of the favorites on sale during 2022 Black Friday.

While this post is focused on our favorites, you can head to our 2022 Black Friday Headquarters where you can find the round up of all of our favorite deals in one place.

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Beauty Holy Grails

collage of favorite beauty items
All the favorites that have been mentioned and/or re-purchased by Sarah multiple times

From left to right:

  • Tom Ford Soft Matte Foundation: This foundation is SO expensive. You can only find it on sale a couple times a year, and this is one of those times. 15% is the best you will see it unless you have Rouge at Sephora, where you can get it for 20% off. Saks also has a great return policy!
  • Merit No. 1 Brush + Merit Dayglow Highlightercode: RSVP: Shop our Merit favorites and why we like them! I do love the shorter handle on this brush and it does a great job of blending in concealer and foundation. Merit only goes on sale once a year!
  • it Cosmetics Universal Micro Brow Power eyebrow pencil: I have repurchased this eyebrow pencil four times now. It is a great color for me, but I love how small the tip is — I find it looks the most natural of all my pencils.
  • it Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Cosmetics Brush #7: If I were to suggest buying any makeup brush, it would be this one. The fluffy end is great for blending in foundation, cream blushes and bronzers, and even powder in a pinch! I also love the small end for helping to blend in concealer or eyeshadow. It does it all and it is half off!
  • Dior Rosy Pink Blush: I thought this blush had to be overrated, but IT IS NOT. It is so good. Perfectly pink and flushed. It matches your pH and you can use a little or build it up. It looks so good!
  • Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2- code: GIFT: I have now been using this for 2 years and have repurchased countless times – which is saying a lot because I am not one who is in the habit of spending this much on a moisturizer. It works better than anything I have ever tried though. It plumps. It moisturizes. It helps repair my skin when it is sensitized. If you pair with Skinceuticals Phloretin CF or the CE Feurlic, you can get 20% off the brand — which never happens! I prefer the Phloretin CF because it is less greasy, smells like coffee and does a better job for me at reducing pigmentation.
  • Elta MD UV ClearCODE: BFCM22: I love this sunscreen. Originally a recommendation from my dermatologist at least six years ago, I have re-purchased countless bottles. I always go back to it. I like that it is mineral and contains other hydrating ingredients that just give me such a great glow without having to put anything else on. I have started to use the tinted and while it is not like wearing makeup, it does help warm up the skin more.
  • Revision Lip Replenisher – CODE: BFCM22: It is expensive, but worth it. It is very thick and will stay on your lips allll night.
  • Saie Blending Brush: See our favorites and why here!
  • Saie Glowy Set: This is such a great deal! I LOVE the new highlighter color in warm glow. I think it is only available in this set. I just use with my moisturizer and it gives a wonderful, natural glow. You can also use over makeup.
  • Necessaire Body Serum: I thought Necessaire products were overhyped, but I now understand their appeal. I really like the body serum because it can be used on your face and body and has hyaluronic acid which helps increase the level of moisture in your skin! If you apply this on wet skin — damnnn. It will hydrate and plump. It is not heavy like a lotion either. You can buy ANYTHING on Necessaire and get a free Body Serum. Plus get an extra 10% off with code 10SISTER.
  • Aesop Hand Soap: This hand soap smells good and does not strip your hands! It is so moisturizing and would be a great hostess gift!
  • Tula Self Care Sunday Nourishing mask: This is a great plumping, moisturizing and slightly exfoliating mask. Tula never does 30% off and this is a great time to try out our favorites.
  • Glytone Heel and Elbow Exfoliating Cream: This works miracles. If you have dark elbows that never feel soft or thick, dry heels you need this. I noticed a difference right away!
  • is Clinicals Face Wash – code: BFCM22: This is my favorite face wash. It is exfoliating, but does not strip your skin. It is expensive for a face wash, but it lasts me months as my second wash.
  • K18 – code: BFCM22: I mean I think we all know that this is holy grail status. If you are unsure how to use it, this is my post on it. It is rarely on sale, let alone 30% off! This is a great time to buy it. I have also been using the detox shampoo and have noticed it does a great job of making my hair feel clean but not drying. I have also switched to using their daily shampoo (pH prep) as my first shampoo, then follow up with whatever shampoo I am using that day. My hairstylist told me that one of the best ways for ensuring my hair gets clean is to double wash.

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Amazon Favorites

Check out our favorite things on sale at Amazon for Black Friday. I put a note beside each one, you just have to click the lower right hand corner to see the details! The Living Proof is only on sale today, November 24th.

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