Target Memorial Day Sale Roundup

By mysistermademebuyit
Target Top Ten Target has some of their best sales on their own brands during the holidays – Memorial Day is no exception. Like 30% off some of my favorite…
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Happy Place | EMILY HENRY

Happy Place by Emily Henry – Audiobook

Sarah’s Review:

Romance trope: Forced proximity, Miscommunication

I have read all of Emily Henry’s books, and by that, I mean I have listened to every book. I love Julia Whelan as a narrator and find that these books are easy to listen to as an audible book because she brings the characters to life. While Henry is mainly known for romance books, I think this book is her least spicy one.

Long summary short – Harriet and Wyn met in college through mutual friends and have dated through college, medical school and Harriet’s residency. Until they breakup for an unknown reason. However, their close-knit group of friends meet every summer at a lake house in Maine, so they decide to not tell their friends they are broken up until after the trip. They pretend to be together the entire trip and it switches from present day to flashbacks of their relationship.

I thought the book was a little slow, but I ended up really liking it by the end because I thought that Henry did a great job with character development. You end up getting to know four other characters, and I wished we would have gotten more of their stories.

I love people watching, so books with great character development are one of my favorite things to read. However, they are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can be so slow and it feels like not a lot happens. The character development saves this book for me because I do not usually like the miscommunication trope.


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Clarins Double Serum

One of the things I love about Clarins Double Serum is that it is simple to use, but does so much – minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates and moisturizes, minimizes the appearance of pores. While it can be ways to apply, it doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you’re at the spa. Clarins recommends applying the serum with a pressing technique that can help drain extra fluid. Whenever I just want a few extra minutes to myself, this is what I do – and it’s much less than the cost of a facial!
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