Mini Review: Nuuly Clothing Rental

May 7, 2024 By Sarah
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My mini review on Nuuly, a clothing rental option that is available. My favorite part? It carries a lot of plus size items, and even carries some brands in plus size that do not normally carry plus sizes!

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a clothing rental company owned by URBN, the same company that also owns Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters. You pay $98/month to borrow six items, and you can pay $20 for each additional item, up to two items. If you have never signed up, you can use my personal referral code to get $30 off your first month’s box.

The six things are packed up and sent to you in a soft sided container, which includes a pre-paid return shipping label – you do not even have to worry about breaking down a cardboard box! You return before the month is up so you can pick out 6 new things. Or return and pause your account until you need some new stuff. If you end up liking any of the items you can buy at a discount.

Nuuly Review: Brands and Sizes

Nuuly carries a wide variety of brands – even brands that are not their own. They are heavier on their own brands, like By Anthropologie and Maeve, but also have brands like Paige, Good American, Farm Rio, Varley, etc.

I originally started using Nuuly two years ago because I needed outfits for a girls trip with my Instagram Friends and already felt so stressed about being the only plus-size woman in a group full of gorgeous fashionable women. WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I GOING TO WEAR? HOW WAS I GOING TO PAY FOR IT?

Enter Nuuly. It had a lot of options for me as a solid 24/26 and 3X. That is when I first tried the Somerset dress and loved it! In the past two years, I think I have received 6 boxes. Usually I get them before a big trip.I have a bad habit of thinking I need to be an entirely new person on a trip, so it really helps scratch that itch without compulsively buying a bunch of new things I may not wear as much. Oh – and I LOVE it for coats and jackets.

I have purchased three or four things at a discount that I received in a Nuuly box because I ended up liking them so much – and a lot of times the things are still current on Anthropologie – so I received a big discount off of full-price!

Nuuly Review: Pros and Cons


  • Accessibility to plus-sizes:
    • As a plus size woman, the biggest pro is having accessibility to larger sizes that can be rented up to size 4X. It is SO hard to find that.
    • It also allows for me to try Nuuly exclusive brand collaborations, which feature plus sized items
  • Detailed reviews
    • They do not always have a lot of reviews, but all of the women who provide them AND a picture are the true meaning of women supporting women.
  • Current inventory
    • A lot of the time, I am receiving new items with tags on them and they are still listed on the Anthropologie website.
  • Great for events, vacations, and work clothes
    • I love their curated finds they have throughout the year based on what you might need new clothes for – vacation, skiing, work, family pictures.
  • Purchase at a discount
    • Sometimes you can get a really good discount on something that is brand new. Or even if it has been used a lot — I think I bought one dress at a 60% off discount!
  • FAST shipping
    • I have placed an order and received in two days before! It is not always like that, but I do not think I have ever waited more than four days.
  • Great customer service
    • Usually I get text notification once UPS scans in my return and I can start shopping for my next one. However, I did not on my last one and customer service was great about it.


  • No exchanges or returns
    • This is a big con for me and probably the reason I do not get it every month.
    • I am often renting something I love the look of in two sizes to ensure it will work. And if it does not work? I feel like I wasted my money.
    • However, I always aim for 3/6 items working and that has changed my perception. Being able to wear and love 3/6 things without having spent a lot of money is a win for me!
  • Overwhelming inventory
    • You have to be willing to put in some work to sort through all of the available inventory.
    • They do have great curations where you can flter by your size, which I love.
    • You need to go through periodically and save things to different “wish lists”closets.” I have four lists by season. If I see something in the summer time I like for fall, I save it to a fall closet.
  • Add Ons are expensive
    • Since there are no exchanges or returns, sometimes I load up my cart because I do not know what size I am. I think this should be lower to account for the no exchanges and returns, and just make the discount to buy these items lower?
    • The add-ons are $20 per item, which seems like a lot to me.
      • They do seem to run a lot of promotions which will give you a free add-on.
  • Faded inventory
    • One time I received an older dress and it was so faded. I ended up contact customer service and they took care of it, but it was annoying to have to do that.

I do not have a special influencer code or anything, but you can use my personal referral code for $30 off your first month’s rental.