Favorite Purchases of 2020

Missy and I had so much trouble narrowing down our favorite purchases of 2020. We bought and discovered so many things that helped make our life a little easier or enjoyable in some way.

Edited to add: This post took about 4 hours to create: 1 hour creating the graphic for Instagram, 30 minutes linking and creating the pictures in the post, and about 2.5 hours actually writing out all of the content and editing to ensure it is searchable.

Narrowing it down

I still feel anxious even writing this. Like, what if I leave off something I really love?! Haha, it is not like it will impact anyone. I think this is just what it is like living with anxiety. We overthink the smallest things and make them out to be much more grandiose than they really are. Will my other products be offended if I do not include them?! You know, because inanimate objects always hold grudges.

I know you did not come here for my commentary on whether or not my body wash is mad at me, so without further adieu.. our favorite products below.

This post contains affiliate links, which means we can make a small commission if you purchase through our links. However, we only recommend things we truly believe in — the amount of commission does not factor into our recommendations. In addition, all pictures are unedited with no filters used. Real pictures only!

Our Favorite Purchases of 2020

Top Purchase: Dyson AirWrap, $499 – $549

The Dyson AirWrap is both Missy and my’s favorite purchacase from 2020. Just like our blog’s namesake, this was something Missy made me buy. She purchased in May and could not stop talking about it. Then her hair looked amazing and I was jealous. When I received a 20% off coupon from Ulta, I made my move.

Missy purchased the full set at full price of $549. I purchased the “Smooth and Shine” package since it was $50 cheaper. It ended up having everything I needed anyways: hair dryer, round brush attachment, smoothing brush attachment, and the curling attachments.

Missy’s favorite attachment are the curls. The curls are more for body vs. curling your hair. They just make your hair look like you came back from a blow-out.

My favorite attachment is the the smoothing brush. It is the least popular attachment in terms of publicity, and I am here to change that. BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST ATTACHMENT!.

I filmed a “Get Ready With Me” using the smoothing brush to show off the magnificent smoothing effects. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair right at my hairline and this tool is the only one I can use where I can just “blow and go.” I have always had to blow dry, then straighten around my hairline.

as of 2/7/2020: Currently, they are sold out everywhere. You can purchase a re-furbished one from the official Dyson re-seller on E-Bay. Currently they are an extra 20% off with code: “PWRUPDYSON.” While they may have some cosmetic blemishes, they do come with a 12-month Dyson Guarantee on parts and labor.

Other Favorite Purchases

Sarah’s Favorites

2. Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Towels, $29

I love these towels. They are plush and soft. Before the Nordstrom sale, I had only tried Target towels. When you compare these towels to Target towels – well there is just no comparison. These are #2 for me because showering is something I do everyday and I love having plush towels after a shower. It is the little luxuries in life!

3. Zebra Sarasa Grand Gel Pen, $7

I mean, of course this made the list. I remember buying this pen like it was yesterday. I had just picked up my dad from dialysis and needed to stop at Walgreens to get a few things. I saw the pen and was like ” you know, I need to treat myself to a little pick-me-up.” I bought it. I tested it out at my dad’s house and I was in love. The writing is SO smooth. Just glides across the paper. The body of the pen is a perfect circumference and weight. It didn’t smudge. My dad was laughing at how much I loved the pen. He loved pens too, so he completely understood my excitement.

4. Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil, $19.80

I never had an interest in trying a shower oil because I was always afraid of it making the shower too slippery. I was wrong. Not only does it not make the shower slippery, but it also lathers up like a regular body wash! Unlike a regular body wash, it does not strip moisture from your skin, but adds it. You will still have to use your regular lotion, but you won’t have that “NEED LOTION ASAP” feeling when you step out of the shower.

5. Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate+Glow Mask, $48

I talked about this in our Sephora Sale Must-Haves post. I received this in a Sephora Favorites sampler last year and fell in love with it. It is a moisturizing and brightening mask, but I mainly use it for extra moisture. The smell is so good ( I find that the GlamGlow ThirstyMud smells like Play-Doh) and I love the creamy, thick texture.

Missy’s Favorites

2. Differin Gel, $12

Missy used to use Tazorac cream until it was no longer covered by her insurance. Since Differin is over-the-counter, it is not only less expensive, but easier to purchase. She has always had acne-prone skin, so this helps keep her breakouts at bay in addition to other prescription medication she is on. As with any medication or supplement, check with your doctor before using. If you do decide to use Differin, make sure to only use a few days a week and gradually work your way up. Oh and WEAR SUNSCREEN!

3.Westman Atelier Vital Foundation, $68

I know. $68 for a foundation? But it is the perfect foundation. Medium coverage, but feels like a tinted moisturizer. So easy to blend out. If you have any issues with deciding which shade to use, use Sephora’s shade finder to find which one will work for you.

4.Cusinart Electric Fondue Kit, $69

Missy bought this because she could not go to her usual Melting Pot dinner for her birthday this year. She made her own fondue (cheese, meat and dessert) and realized she was hooked. She did a lot of research on which ones to buy, and found that the Cusinart had the most positive reviews. Even though it is an electric set, it can be used in the dishwasher. Although, Missy does not use it in the dishwasher because it is easy enough to clean by hand.

5. You’re a Knockout sleeping supplement, $34

This supplement is a sleep supplement that utilizes multiple forms of sleep aids to help Missy fall and stay asleep. The best part is that it does not make Missy groggy in the morning after taking it. We are not medical professionals, so if you are thinking about taking nutritional supplements, you should talk to your doctor first.

We would love to hear from you – what were your favorite product finds of 2020?

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