Body Odor, Frizz, and Bath Soak Reviews

From left to right: ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath soak, Revolution Pro Blur Stick, YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer, Lume Deodorant

Time for some quick product reviews. I posted my empty of Lume deodorant, a natural deodorant, tonight on IG and the questions came flooding in. I thought – why don’t I just update my blog with the reviews so I don’t have to do double work? Tonight I am going to give my reviews for the ColorWow Dreamcoat, Dr.Singha’s Mustard Bath, Revolution Blur Stick primer, YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer, and Lume deodorant.

I love Instagram. It is where I spend most of my time. I love how easily I can interact with everyone. However, it is very inefficient when it comes to reviews. It takes me forever to record myself and then type out what I want to say. Then I forget to organize it so that it can easily be found again. Not a great customer experience from a follower perspective.

Hopefully by putting more reviews on my blog, it will be easier to find them in the future!

So let’s get this started!

ColorWOW Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

TL:DR: It does not work for me. It is supposed to last through 3-4 shampoos, it barely lasts 3-4 hours.

I have been testing out the Dreamcoat spray in Florida humidity this week. It only worked just okay at home, but I wanted to test it with some real humidity as I did not buy this one until after summer.

The bottle says that you need to “separate hair into sections and spray each section liberally.” It also says you are not supposed to use any other hair products with it, but you are supposed to use heat to finish your hair and lock in the product. My problem with that is this does not say it is a heat protectant. Therefore, I had to finish with Olaplex oil to ensure I had some heat protection in my hair before blowing it out with my Dyson AirWrap Volume Brush and curling with my T3 curling iron.

I have used this twice down here, and it has not been able to control my frizz. In the pictures below you can see my hair about an hour or two after blowing it out and curling it. You can already see it starting to frizz on my hairline. The second picture is about 6 hours afterwards before going to bed. Definitely did not work.

I do regularly use the ColorWOW Dreamcoat for Curls spray and I think it does a great job of controlling my frizz and defining curls. I do not know why this one does not work for me.

Missy said this one was okay and worked better than the IGK Good Behavior, but her hair was still frizzy.

Dr.Singha’s Mustard Bath

TL:DR: I like it! Missy loves it and buys the 28 oz size – she takes a lot of baths.

While I do not usually like baths, when I am desperate and need some back pain relief, I will take one. This bath soak does not disappoint. It is a weird feeling almost — kind of tingly? and warming? I will soak for 20 minutes (which is a long time for me!) and then get out and rinse off in the shower. It says to rinse with a cool shower and then cuddle up into bed. I did that last night and was able to sleep through the night! I have no idea if it was placebo effect, but it was nice.


TL:DR: Pass on both

Revolution Pro Primer Stick: This is a good primer – really fills in your pores for that real-life filter look. However, it goes on greasy. It dries down, but I found that after about 4 hours of wear, my face still felt oily. It looked good, but felt oily.

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer: I received a sample of this with my Sephora order back in September. It is a clear primer with little specks of gold (like goldschlager) that is supposed to help with radiance. It felt like any other primer and made my skin smooth for makeup. However, I have not really noticed any “radiance” effects. Since it is $55, I am going to pass on re-purchasing and stick to Hourglass.

If you are looking for a good primer, check out our Sephora post where we go over our favorite primers.

Lume Deodorant

TL:DR: I am now the proud owner of $13 deodorant in lavender sage. And will keep re-purchasing.

Deodorant, like skincare, is extremely personal. What works for me, may not work for someone else.

My sweaty background

I have always sweated A LOT. I hated it. This maybe the nerdiest sentence I ever write, but you should have seen how big my armpit sweat stains were after a Friday night football game — as a member of our marching band. My best friends would always make fun of me. I talked to my doctor and I started on Drysol? I cannot even remember at this point. It worked to help cut down on my sweating, but did nothing for body odor. I used Secret gel on top of it for scent protection.

I have tried Dove, Secret, Lady Mitchum ( my mom’s favorite), Old Spice deodorant, Secret Clinical, but ended up using the Secret gel for like 15 years. Wow. It did fine. Applied everyday. I was still sweaty, but embraced it.

The switch to Lume

I ended up switching to Lume in August of 2019 and did it because I loved that you could put the deodorant anywhere. I was still doing in-person Barre3 classes and was always so self-conscious about smelling terrible. My armpits were covered, but wanted to make sure other areas were too!

Lume worked to help keep odor at bay — and it did so for multiple days. It is an acid-based natural deodorant that actually works! I had tried other ones and found that they broke me out. I am always forgetting to put on deodorant. It is my thing. I have several pictures of myself in Chicago, on a dance floor, on a cruise ship, etc where I am just applying deodorant. I carried some in my purse because I was always forgetting it.

My draw to Lume is that it can last up to 72 hours. If I forget deodorant, I do not have to be concerned with where to find a spare deodorant stick. For me, it lasts at least 2 days before I smell again. I think it even helps with my sweating? I don’t notice drenched arm pits anymore either. While it is expensive, I use it less.

Everyone wants to know scents, and I have only tried one — Lavender Sage. I like it. It smells like lavender. I think it depends on your personal preference, but I have not tried any other scents because I like this one enough.

I buy mine through Amazon so it is a little more expensive than going through the Lume website, but I like the 2 day shipping.

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