Amazon Favorites – February 2021

March 2, 2021 By mysistermademebuyit
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It is interesting to see which of the products we share end up becoming Amazon Favorites. I like to review my analytics for Amazon because I always laugh at the random things that I share throughout the month. I have never seen a blogger post such a diverse set of follower favorites — from adult washcloths to a draft stopper to pens and highlighters.

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Top Amazon Favorites

  1. Solar Buddies, Child-Friendly Sunscreen Applicator

The Solar Buddies were our top seller in February 2021. I purchased these last year in an effort to make it easier to apply sunscreen to Rebecca. Rebecca has eczema and we have to stay away from spray sunscreens because of the alcohol content. It is such a pain.

These are great because you just add in your sunscreen/lotion and it has a roller ball that evenly dispenses the sunscreen as you roll it, like roll-on deodorant. Then it has a sponge around the roller ball that rubs in the lotion. It is GREAT for kids because they can apply and re-apply themselves!

2. Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair

Everyone must have some cracked heels – this was a top seller for 2020 too! I just apply at night and the next morning, my heels are softer!

3. Attends Adult Washcloths

Didn’t expect for Adult wipes to be a best seller. I do not talk about it a lot because I wanted to respect my dad’s privacy. However, he was not able to toilet himself. Even when he was, he was not able to clean up without assistance. Thus, we became experts in adult diapers, diaper rash and our favorite adult wipes. We always bought the generic ones since we went through them so quickly, but the Attends Adult Washcloths were our favorites due to their size and durability. These would be a great addition to your emergency supply in case the water is out and you are not able to shower.

4. Clevermade SnapBasket Collapsible Tote

I have had this thing for a few years and love it! It is an open tote that collapses down so you can store it in your car and take out when you are shopping. This is a fantastic Aldi bag. Pool bag, Overnight bag. Beach bag.

5. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic In The Wild Socks

I love these socks. One of the last gifts my dad bought before he passed. They keep my feet so warm, yet are not slippery on our wood floors? I don’t understand the magic. I know I have paid $10 for a pair of cozy socks at Old Navy, so I actually find the $18 affordable for Barefoot Dreams.

6. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume

I received a sample of this cream when I bought my, now holy grail, shower oil. It is like a moisturizing cream and ointment in one, but it isn’t that greasy. It is magic. We switched from using Cerave and Aquaphor on Rebecca’s eczema to just using this to prevent flare-ups.

7. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Another item and Amazon Favorite we discovered while taking care of our dad. He was always in and out of the hospital, dialysis or doctor offices. We purchased this to ensure that his clothes were getting disinfected, in addition to cleaned. This is a laundry additive that you use in addition to detergent. I just put it in the fabric softener dispense so that it dispenses mid-wash.

8. Pastel Highlighters

I love these pastel highlighters. They are flat and don’t bleed through the paper.

9. Thermalon Sinus Compress

This thing is a life saver. It is a moist heat mask that you microwave to activate the heat. It covers both your head and eyes and does wonders for my migraines and sinus headaches.

10. Door Draft Stopper

No other draft stopper compares. This is one that stops the draft on both sides of the door — not just one. It also makes it so that you can still use the door while it is doing it’s job, unlike the bean bag versions. We have one on our front door, and it never causes any issues.

11. Pentel Glidewrite Pens

These are great ballpoint pens that write with the smoothness of a gel-pen. I linked to the professional looking pens, but there is a multi-color pack too.

Blogpost Transparency

I know I have said this before, but, man. I never gave creators enough credit before! It takes a long time to get a blogpost up and running. Just today I worked from 9-6 ish (worked on blog stuff during my lunch break), took a break to make dinner, ate dinner and then have been working on taxes, and this post since! It is now 1:17 AM!

  • 30 minutes to analyze Amazon data from February
  • 60 minutes to create collage in Canva
  • 90 minutes to create blogposts and links
  • 30 minutes to write social media post captions and stories

Total time spent: 3 hours and 30 minutes!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!