2020’s Top Selling Amazon Finds

January 12, 2021 By mysistermademebuyit
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We only had an Amazon store for 5 month in 2020, but in those 5 months our followers found some favorite Amazon finds.

But first, a few detours

You know… detour from the original subject matter? If you want to skip my random musings, you can skip ahead to read our top selling Amazon finds from 2020.

I love Excel.

You know I love a good Excel spreadsheet. I am not an Excel guru, but if I were interviewing for a job, I would define myself as an “Excel Expert.” I know this is the scale because I have performed at least fifty interviews and I would say 98% of candidates exaggerate their Excel knowledge. In reality, I know how to do a pivot table. AND EVERYDAY I AM PIVOT TABLING. Except for this post. I just did a pie chart.

Blogging/Instagram is more time consuming than you think…

I started this post yesterday at 5:30 PM. Here are all of the things I did. And I still did not finish until the next day around 7 pm (I mean, I slept and worked at my real job in between those hours…)

  • Amazon Shopping Analytics
  • Excel graphs
  • Canva posts ( I made three – one with the pie chart, one for the blog and one for Instagram – please follow me if you do not already!)
  • Create Amazon storefront to top purchases (so I can get paid)
  • Create separate affiliate links to hyperlink for this blog (so I can get paid)
  • Write the blogpost – this always takes a lot longer than I think it will take. Mainly because I am wordy.
  • Check SEO – this always takes me a long time to get “green lights” so that my blog will come up organically if people search for “Amazon Finds.” Or something.
  • Write caption/find hashtags for IG post
  • Create IG stories

Overall, it took me about 7 hours. For just this one post. I do not necessarily care about the money made from this post, but I do want to ensure it something that readers want to see. So please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post! And know that the links are affiliate links, which means we will make a small commission if you end up purchasing from our links.

2020 Top Selling Amazon Finds

  1. Acnomel Acne Medication, $11: I found this acne medication on Reddit. It is a sulfur-based acne medication, so it can be very drying. However, I think it is why it work so well for me. I use this whenever I have a large pimple that will not go away. It is flesh-colored, so you can even wear under makeup.
  2. Zebra Sarasa Grand Gel Pen, $7: One of my favorite finds this year. I randomly picked up this pen at a Walgreens because I knew I loved the Zebra G-301 pen. And then I fell in love. It glides across across the page so easily. It does not make any noises, like when you can hear the pen scratching the paper. I have never had any issues with the ink smearing either, although I am not a leftie.
  3. Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair, $7: This purchase was initially an accident. I cannot believe I am going to admit this to thousands of strangers, but I meant to buy the Kerasal Toenail Fungus treatment. However, I purchased this. Then I tried it. WOW. Your heels soften overnight. I usually apply and then wear socks over it. I do not love wearing socks to bed, so I try to do it when I am watching tv.
  4. OXOProduce Keeper, $13: Wash your produce. Store your produce in your fridge. Since a strainer is included, they do not spoil as quickly. Well, I am not sure if this is true. Fruit barely lasts a day in my house.
  5. Twinlab NA-PCA Hydration Spray, $10: I bought this because Vanessa at Goals To Get Glowing recommended it. It is a body mist that helps hydrate your skin. I use it two ways: in lieu of lotion (it dries quickly) and as a first step before I apply lotion. It really does help your skin not feel so tight. I love it.
  6. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence, $15: If you like SK-II essence, this is a great dupe for it. I actually prefer it over the SK-II because I found it to be thicker and easier to apply. I started to use fermented essences because I read that they help with anti-aging. How they did, I was not sure. However, I notice a difference when I do not use one. Maybe it is because it helps prep my skin for my other serums so they have better absorption. Maybe it is because the fermented product helps break down other serums into smaller molecules to be more easily absorbed per this Dermstore article.
  7. MaxKare XL Heating Pad, $36: Forget jewels – James knows the real way to my heart — heating pads. He gifted this heated pad to me during Christmas last year and I cannot imagine life without it. I am a tall woman. I am plus-sized. Regular heating pads just don’t cover anything. Except for this one. It covers my whole back, shoulders, and then ties around my waist (it fits) so that it does not easily fall off.
  8. Silicone Utensils Set, $29: I found this set through Amazing Finders and bought it because I was not about to let my husband ruin another pan by using metal utensils. So far they have held up. I had a lot of people ask about the wood splintering, and I have not noticed that yet. However, I do try to rub with oil anytime I remember so that they do not dry out too much in the dishwasher.
  9. XL Sand Mat, $33: Wow. This might be one of my favorite buys from last year. We bought this because we were planning to go to Florida for Spring break before COVID hit. We always visit the beach at least once while we are down there, but since we fly, don’t have beach chairs. Enter the Wekapo Sand Mat! It is HUGE! I am almost 6′ and my husband is 6’5 and we can both lay on it without intruding on each other’s space since it is 7′ x9′. We ended up using it a lot for picnics last year since it is so lightweight and packs up into a cube.
  10. ColorWOW Pop N’ Lock Hair Gloss, $20: I love this hair gloss. It makes my hair SO shiny. I have fine hair, so I have to be careful with how much I use. I apply a half of pump before blow drying my hair to help with frizz and a half of pump after blow drying my hair to help with shine and flyaways. Paid full price for it and have no regrets.

That is it! What were your favorite Amazon Finds from last year?