Gift Ideas for Memory Care Patients

December 12, 2023 By mysistermademebuyit
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At the end of my dad’s life he had mobility disability, vascular dementia, and an autoimmune issue where he could not use or grip his hands. While he was not in an advanced stage of dementia, the beginning stages were difficult as caregivers and as loved ones.

A few years ago I had posted about some of the things we were using for him to help him with his routines and prevent confusion. I am not an occupational therapist or any type of expert in this area, but did receive a lot DMs from followers with things that they had found helped. The list below is a compilation of those

I also consulted this article from A Place for Mom regarding the best Memory Care Activities, which was an interesting read.

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Gift Ideas for Memory Care Patients

Companionship and Nurturing

Sensory and Fidget Toys

  1. Pop – its – Great for easing anxiety
  2. Twiddle Fidget Muff Sensory Toy – Highly recommended from a follower
  3. Fidget Blanket – Like the muff sensory toy, but this is one that lays flat on their lap or a table.

Art Therapy

Any art will do, but the just add water paint books are a lot less messier. Here are some examples:


  1. Angel Wrap Wearable Blanket – Unlike other wearable blankets, this one snaps on and off for ease. The good thing about a wearable blanket in a nursing facility is that they will not constantly fall off.
  2. Easy to Read Clock – This was really important for my dad. He was often confused on the day and time and he hated that feeling. This and having a nightly routine, like watching Wheel and Jeopoardy were essential to a smooth bedtime.
  3. Easy to use CD Player