Our Sephora Holiday Savings Guide

October 30, 2023 By Sarah
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THE Sephora Holiday Savings Event has started, and this is our comprehensive guide to our favorite makeup, skincare, hair and fragrance products we swear by. I can’t help but capitalize “THE,” I live in Columbus, afterall. I broke out my picks based on makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance, value kits and my top 5 recommendations If you want to jump to my picks and skip the information about the sale and if it is the best discount, click on the links below:


The Sephora Holiday Savings Event

Sephora has two sales a year – one in the spring and one in the fall. The discount that you can shop with at Sephora depends on the amount of money you spend at Sephora during the year, as tracked by being a Sephora Beauty Insider. It is free to sign up, so even if you have never shopped at Sephora, you should sign up for the great benefits like free shipping, great samples, offers for great products throughout the year with purchase and the ability to shop with the points you earn.

This year the schedule is as follows:

  • Rouge – 20% discount, can start shopping Friday, October 27th
  • VIB – 15% discount, can start shopping Tuesday, October 31st
  • Beauty Insider – 10% discount, can start shopping Tuesday, October 31st

Does the Sephora Holiday Savings Event have the best discount?

In short, no. A lot of brands have their own sales during Black Friday or throughout the year that will have similar or better discounts. However, there are some brands that rarely go on sale, like Dyson Hair or the Shark FlexStyle.

The best value during the Sephora sale are the value kits, which I will do a full breakdown of the ones I think are worth it. However, they usually sell out QUICKLY because of their high value/lower cost. I still love to shop this sale because I just love the experience of shopping at Sephora. The stores are always very clean and the website is organized and easy to navigate. I end up buying a lot of makeup during this sale, especially from luxury brands that rarely go on sale like Dior, Hourglass, Tom Ford and fragrance brands.

Top Five Sephora Holiday Savings Recommendations

These are not necessarily my top favorite things at Sephora, but they are the things I am really enjoying right now and are priced so that if you wanted to treat yourself, you still could without breaking the bank.

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Sephora Holiday Savings Value Kits

I went through all 790 value sets on Sephora and these were the ones that I thought were worthwhile or that would make a great gift. Just click on the “i” in the upper left corner for my description. I broke these down into gifting categories at the end if you want a more organized view.

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Sephora Holiday Savings Makeup Favorites

Below are some of our makeup favorites that you can find at Sephora.

Lip Favorites

There is no other makeup product I like more than lip products. Missy mainly uses MAC lipsticks, but I mainly use lip products sold at Sephora. I have cool undertones so I usually go with rosy lip colors. I am covering my favorite lip liners, stains, glosses, balms and lipsticks here! Click on the “i” in the upper left corner for more information.

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Complexion Favorites

Our favorite complexion favorites! From our favorite foundations, concealers and the brushes we use to get that flawless your skin but better look!

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Eye Makeup Favorites

Favorite eye makeup favorites including my favorite mascaras and eyeshadows.

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Blush, Highlighter, and Bronzer Favorites

These are our favorite blushes, highlighters and bronzer favorites. I will say that I have not yet found a powder bronzer I love at Sephora yet, but do love some cream bronzers. I also like a lot of cream and liquid blushes. If you want long-lasting blush, it is best to layer a powder brush on top of a cream or liquid blushes.

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Sephora Skincare Favorites

I do not buy a lot of skincare at Sephora, and if I do it is because I am already there or there is a value kit. The only exception is for Clarins because they do not usually discount except a few times a year, so I try to restock during the sales. Here are a few of our favorite skincare items. You can just hover over the “i” in the upper left corner to see our descriptions!

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Sephora Haircare Favorites

Honestly, Missy and I do not shop at Sephora for a lot of haircare. We both love the Redken acidic bonding shampoo and conditioner and love their leave in. We both love the ColorWow Dream Coat (and for curly hair too) and think that this value set is a good deal. For the ColorWow to work you have to do the following:

  • Apply A TON. Do not apply anything else. Just apply this and really saturate your hair
    • This means my fine haired friends – you will have greasy hair the next day. But it will not be frizzy. I would just use some dry shampoo at night and you will be good!
    • Make sure you follow up with both a blow dry and a heat tool like a straightener to set it.

I also love Living Proof, but you can usually find better deals on Amazon or through the brand directly. This scalp massager is probably my top recommendation from the Sephora sale.

Now hair tools – that is a different story. This is THE time to purchase a Dyson or Shark Flex Style. Missy and I have had both, and ended up switching to Shark Flex Style because our Dysons broke after two years. The Flex Style is definitely heavier than the airwrap, but the standalone hair dryer is a lot more powerful. The roundbrush attachment is a lot grippier than the Dyson round brush attachment, and does a better job at eliminating frizz. I can’t get my curls to stay with either system because my hair just does not hold a curl since it is so fine.

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Sephora Fragrance Favorites

Fragrance is so personal, so it seems silly to recommend fragrances that I like when who knows if someone else will like them. That is why I will be telling you our favorite fragrances and brands and then linking to the smaller sizes or fragrance set so you can find your favorite scent.

I usually like cleaner scents, Missy usually likes more floral scents. She is one of those people who pefumes smell so different on her – in a good way. Like everything smells good on her. The Sephora sale is a great time to buy fragrances though because they usually have value kits where you can try different ones and then use a voucher to redeem for the fragrance you like.

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Sephora Gifting Ideas

Hover over the “i” in the upper left corner for more context!

Gifts under $25

Gifts over $25

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