17 products that made my week: 1/14/2022

January 15, 2022 By mysistermademebuyit
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I am making it a goal to do more weeks in reviews from my Instagram stories. This week I discussed 17 products that I recommended — from what I used to deal with my Covid symptoms to a pretty new lip balm to the most comfortable shirt. I covered it all. Do not get used to this. So far this has taken me 3 hours to complete. I always think things will not take as long as they do — gets me every time.

This week I hit a big following milestone — 40k followers!! WHAT?! I say this every time I grow, but it still surprises me every day that I have that many people following me. I stopped making follower goals last year (my goal was 25,000 followers, and I crushed it!) because I started realizing that it was not about how many followers I had, but how engaged my followers were. So instead of investing time and money in increasing my followers, I spent more time in my DMs and getting to know my followers. It has been my favorite part of Instagram. However, Instagram has the worst messaging organization. So I am missing DMs more frequently. Which really bums me out. Just know I really appreciate every DM I receive and if I do not reply — try and send another one! I love connecting with everyone.

This week on Instagram

This week was a fun week because, just like all other weeks, I had nothing planned content wise. I was able to do a “Day in the Life” series of what a typical day looks like for me. That was fun. I was able to open up about my goals and weight issues . Then, I showed off my 9th grade marching band picture. And I was very busy at my full-time job.

I have gotten a lot better at saving all of my highlights for the current week to my “This Week” highlights. If you missed anything, I captured them all right here! Or you can just skip to the various recommendations I made throughout the week!

Product recommendations

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  1. 1. Vick’s Personal Steam Inhaler – Game changer for any type of cold. I bought when I had bronchitis this fall, but used during my bout with Covid. It is a slow warm mist, making it easy to inhale and cough. And you can use your HSA/FSA card!
  2. 2. Saline in a can – I found out that I am not the only one with an irritational fear of brain-eating amoeba. Which is why I do not use a Neti-Pot or Sinu-Rinse. I just do not trust the water. I use saline two ways: help clear my nasal passages before I spray my nasal spray for allergies and to help moisturize my nasal passages when they feel dried out. Saline in a can is sterile, so I don’t have to worry about amoeba. I hope.
  3. 3.Boogie Wipes – Bought these for Rebecca when she was a baby, have used for myself ever since — especially if I am blowing my nose frequently. It helps prevent chapped nose for me!
  4. 4.Portable pill box with easy open lid – I bought this pillbox for my purse. I have had many pillboxes over the years spill out, but this one doesn’t because you have to press a button to open the lid. There are four compartments and they are big enough for big supplements!
  5. 5.Breathe Right strips – I used to think these were a scam. However, they really did help open up my nostrils. I used the clear ones to get through my work day — you could hardly see them on Zoom!
  6. 6.Zenni glasses – everyone loved Rebecca’s glasses. I buy from Zenni because they are so much cheaper than the eye doctor and Rebecca loves to pick out her own pairs. She loves the three she picked out!
  7. 7. Essence mosiac blush in berry – I bought this blush because it was $3.99 and looked great on State of Kait. It is supposedly a Dior blush dupe – but I have never tried that one. It is magic because it has staying-power and has the slightest shimmer to it which helps bring out a natural glow – without highlighter!
  8. 8. Nordstrom Hydrocotton towels – My favorite towels. They have been 25% off this month, but it ends Monday. Otherwise, best price you will find is during the Nordstrom sale. They made my 2020 Favorites last year and my #1 recommendation for the Nordstrom sale.
  9. 9.Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse – I was trying to show off a pullover, but only had a video of me typing on a keyboard to show James how quiet it is. You see, I wanted a white keyboard. And it had to be Logitech. I have the best luck with Logitech. But I wanted a medium click. This one still clicks, but it is much softer. It is supposedly 90% quieter than other keyboards. It has grown on me.
  10. 10.Spatty Daddy makeup/skincare spatula – A follower had asked for a recommendation to get the rest of the serum out of a bottle of Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C. These Spatty Daddy’s are it. I use them for everything — and can usually find like 5-6 more uses! Also, a lot of people DMed me they were having problems going through the Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C too fast, too. So maybe avoid that one!
  11. 11. Naturium Phyto-Glow lip balm in Camelia – I posted about this lip balm in the fall. I have found it to be very similar to the Revision Lip Replenisher, minus the mint flavoring and a little less sticky. Which, I prefer. It moisturizes. It stays on your lips. I did not think I would like Camelia, but it is the perfect natural lip balm that brings out the natural pink in lips. And it is 1/3 the price of Revision!

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Clothing Recommendations
  1. 12. Charles River sweater fleece pullover – I love this pullover because it is sweater on the outside, fleece on the inside. It is somehow never too warm in the house, but still keeps you warm outside.
  2. 13. Zella Live-In High Waisted Leggings – These are my second favorite pair of unlined leggings. I like them because they do not fall down easily (essential for Apple-shape), but also don’t pill easily. I use them for walks outside. They come in petite, maternity, plus — so many different sizes. And they are 20% off right now!
  3. 14. Knox Rose Dress – I posted this dress because I recently bought it before all the plus sizes were out of stock. I love the print of it and it looks like an easy dress to throw on for work from home, errands, or going into work. Right now all clothes are 30% off at Target, too! Comes in sizes XS to 4X.
  4. 15. J.Crew gauze shirt AKA BEST SHIRT EVER – This is THE shirt. I am so glad I randomly bought it last year. It is very light, but softens with every wash. Never looks wrinkled. Comfortable. I was able to wear it for all of the seasons — even summer! The best. I own in white, green, and rose. The blue, rose and green are an extra 50% off with code EPIC this weekend. I have both my true size (fits a little big) and a size down (fits just right) and I would say size up if you have a large chest. Otherwise, pick based off of how you like to wear shirts.
  5. 16. J Crew Zip Up Pullover – I have not received mine yet, but everyone DMed me to tell me it is indeed awesome. Just big. It is also 50% off with code EPIC.
  6. 17. Athleta Fleece-Lined Leggings – I bought these in November and LOVE them. They do not fall down. They are so warm. I can wear them outside in cold weather and not have the wind cut straight to my legs. And they are so soft. Love them so much. You can get 20% off with code ATHSOCAL. Expensive, but well worth it if you are in a cold temperature.
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BrandProduct% offCode
Elta MDElta MD Sunscreen20% off ELTA20
Raincry Raincry25% off SISTER
RevitalashEyelash serum25% off SISTER
PrioriLED mask25% off NEWYEAR
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