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June 25, 2023 By mysistermademebuyit
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Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In | Soundcore by Anker Life P3i Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds | Snooz Sound Machine | The Colette Shorts by Maeve | OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum | Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate | Sol de Janiero Bom Dia Bright Bodywash and Deodorant | Necessaire The Sex Gel | Linen Pants |

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In

I ran out of K18, so I decided to buy the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate system (Buy the trial size set here) because Missy has always told me she liked it better than K18. When we went to NYC together, she brought the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in and I thought I would give it a whirl. OMG. My hair had not felt that soft in so long. I know NYC water can give you a great hair day and I had also tried the Shark Flexstyle, which I loved, so I was not sure what was giving me such a good hair day. I came back home and ordered the Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In from LovelySkin because you can always get 20% off + free shipping with code AMAZON20.

The shampoo and conditioner smell so good, but the conditioner does not feel like a good conditioning mask after washing it out. The real magic comes with the leave-in. I add a little dollop to my hands, rub together and then apply to my ends first and then go over my heavy frizz spots. It really helps! It makes my hair so soft, cuts down on frizz and my hair is easily detangled. I have not used the leave-in without the shampoo or conditioner. I needed a new shampoo and conditioner and my hair stylist said this was great for hair because our hair actually needs some acid to help with damage. I don’t understand. I just know it works well for me!

Soundcore by Anker Life P3i Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

I bought these headphones when I forgot my Airpod Pros at home and had to endure a hellish flight to Florida without any headphones. I hate like all sounds. As soon as we landed, I said I am not doing that again. I love the Anker chargers so I tried these out because they had great reviews, were noise cancelling and the microphone was said to be amazing. I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THEM! I think I might like them better than my Airpods Pros for recording because the microphone is so clear. The noise cancelling is just as good as the Airpods. Some others said they preferred the fit over their Airpods Pros, but it feels similar to me. The only thing I don’t like, and maybe this is something I can change in settings, is that if I take my headphones out it does not automatically pause.

Snooz Sound Machine

We have a 20% off code until June 30th – MYSISTER20. It is a sound machine unlike other sound machines in that it is actually a fan inside. It has several different volume levels and you can twist it for a different tone. There is a corresponding app that you can use to control it and set a timer so that it automatically goes off. We bought the regular version and even though it is not the travel size, it is light and does not take up much room. Not only do the followers who have purchased love it, but does Rebecca. If you missed it, you have to catch her sales pitch (towards the end of the story highlight).

The Colette Shorts by Maeve | Anthropologie

These shorts are a wardrobe staple. They come in so many different colors and go up to size 26. They are stretchy, but I still took my true size. I think that they look great with a belt and flare just the tiniest bit on the leg. Check them out on me here. I linked to two different colors – black and then the white has all of the other colors and prints.

OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum

My nails have been wrecked since a gel manicure last month. My nails are already thin, but they were even thinner and constantly peeling and bending back. I found the nail serum during some research on what was best to use. You just apply twice a day for 6 days and your nails will be stronger, less cloudy and it even helps your ridges. It is not a polish, it is a serum and dries quickly. You can use nail polish on top of it once your 6 days are up. I still cannot figure out what happens if you apply after the 6th day. However, I did do some research and it looks like you should follow up afterwards with the OPI Nail Envy.

Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate | Youth to the People

Right now you can get 25% off plus 25% off with code YTTP25CC plus a free travel size dream mask with purchase of $85+ – expires 6.26.23 at 11:59 PM

When Youth to the People reached out about a potential partnership to try their new eye concentrate, I said — let me see if it helps, first. I used about 7 weeks before posting our paid partnership and ended up really liking it. I get eye eczema in the winter so I had been using a very thick eye cream to try and prevent any flare-ups. Unbeknownst to me, I was causing under eye milia, those annoying little white dots, because it was too thick. While this eye concentrate does not help treat milia, it is moisturizing enough, but not too heavy so it does not cause them. It was this month that I realized my undereyes were looking brighter, unless I was not getting enough sleep – cannot help that!, and I did not need to cover them up. I think the Vitamin C derative mixed with the peptides has been helping brighten my undereyes and firm them up. Now, I do not think any eye cream is going to fix all of your problems, but I do think it is good to use one. This one is only $48 if it is not on sale, which is much better than the $80 eye cream I used to buy!

Sol de Janiero Bom Dia Bright Bodywash and Deodorant

I love using body wash that reminds me of vacation. I always switch my body wash in the summer to an uplifting and energizing scent so that if I smell it in the future, it will remind me of summer. I have tried all the other Sol de Janiero scents and products, but had not tried this brightening line. I first started with the body wash. AND OMG. THIS IS THE BEST SMELL. First it smells like plums. Then it smells like vanilla and amber? I do not know but I love using the body wash and it is lightly exfoliating so it has been helping with my keratosis pilaris. I loved the smell so much I bought the deodorant and I catch myself smelling my armpits on multiple occasions. Then I had to buy the lotion and the body spray. I am all in on this scent.

Necessaire The Sex Gel

Use code 10SISTER for 10% off all Necessaire products.

Buy this. It is the best. My brother follows me. My aunts and uncles. Cousins. Co-workers. Male co-workers. I did not want to post about personal lubricant on my stories, but I feel a lot more free now that I do not work full-time at a corporation. I am 38. My hormones are a mess and are the levels of perimenopause. I first used it two years ago and loved it. I remember experiencing an infection after using another type ( I have no idea if it was silicone or water based, but it scarred me for life). I have had no issues with this one. And let me tell you – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have never received so many DMs and it made me happy that I could help others! There is no reason to be ashamed, but I already have so much guilt about secondary infertility and then this?

Linen Pants | Athleta

Missy loves these linen pants from Athleta. I posted them when they were on sale last month and then received several DMs from followers that they also loved how comfortable and soft they were. I have not purchased any yet because I am worried a 30″ inseam is too short (for plus). I may have to break down and purchase, though, since they are on sale.

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