Gift Ideas for Seniors

December 11, 2023 By mysistermademebuyit
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Gift ideas for seniors – the hardest people to buy for. I had a hard time even coming up with a title for this post because seniors seems to old. Elderly seems way too old. This post is gift ideas for the older parental figures in your life.

I have several other gift ideas for seniors in this post, but wanted to have separate posts for each gift guide because, as usual, I do not know how to be brief in my explanations.

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Gift Ideas for Seniors

While I think any of the gifts in the other sections would make excellent gifts ideas for seniors these all have a more broad use case. Also check out the Pain Relief Gift Ideas post for some of those ideas!


I just want to preface this by saying I never understood bird watchers until my mom died. Then I swore I kept seeing cardinals everywhere. Then I told myself my mom = cardinal. But it is not even just that. Birds are something that are always around us but we never get to see up close. They require you to be silent and observational in order to really see them. To be mindful. Because of that, they bring me a lot of peace. But I also just enjoy the high I get when I see one and can actually identify it. A bird watching high.

  1. Bird Buddy – This is a smart bird feeder that has been tested by my family before I posted it. I have a highlight dedicated to it if you want to see more. In summary, I love it. A few things:
    • Buy a pole for it. Ben tried just hanging it and it was not as attractive to the birds.
    • You can share an invite code with anyone and they get access to your feeder on the app.
      • The app is so fun! It takes pictures of the birds that visits and identifies them. You can also see videos. Then you collect “cards” of different bird species. It is really fun!
  2. Window Bird Feeder – Someone bought this for me after my dad died a few years ago and we attached it to a higher up window that is not above anything else. It is so fun to see little wrens come and eat from it. Although, my cats hate it.
  3. The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America – This book is funny + informational. It does actually contain different bird species of North America, too.

Sleep Well Gifts

  1. The Cooling Blanket – I have been talking about these for a few years now and will never stop until every woman or hot sleeper has one. And then they have to buy another one because someone will inevitably steal it. Someone being a kid, usually. This blanket is the weight of like three top sheets — just enough weight, but not too much. And it is made of a special material that really is cooling but keeps you warm. I will just make my bed and put this under the comforter. Then when it comes time to go to sleep, I just give James the comforter and sleep with this.
  2. Pillow Cube – I originally paid full price for this pillow because of an Instagram ad that targeted side sleepers. I used it in addition to the coop pillow for a week, and posted it was not for me. I received dozens of messages telling me to keep trying and only use this pillow. AND OH MY GOSH IT WORKED. This pillow not only helped reduce my neck pain, but also reduced the number of headaches and migraines I experience. I bought the 5″ one. I also bought the travel size version.
  3. Snooz Sound Machine – We love the Snooz. It is a sound machine with a real fan. Right now you can get 20% off with code MSMMBI20, but if that does not work we always have a 10% off code with MYSISTER10.


  1. Cushion Lab Lumbar Support – This lumbar support cushion has helped so much with my lower back pain. I have had mine for 3 years in January and it has still like new. I have several – one downstairs for our couches, chairs and patio furniture and one for upstairs for my office. I also bring it along on road trips for the car and for the couches and chairs there!
  2. Cushion Lab Seat Cushion Support – This cushion seat support would make a great pain relief gift. A college injury made me have a lot of scarring in my tailbone, which has been replaced with arthritis. Then pregnancy happened and my tailbone has never recovered. So I have tried A LOT of seat cushions. I have had this one for three years and it is my favorite. The fact that I use it all the time and it still has the support I need as a plus sized woman means that it is DURABLE.
    • Also, did it sound like my college injury was due to being athletic? That was what I was hoping. Really I just fell down stairs coming back from class because I accidentally made eye contact with a cute boy, lost my footing, fell down a bunch of stairs and then it knocked the wind out of me. Said cute boy had to check in to see if I was okay. But I could not say anything because the wind was knocked out of me.
  3. Wearable Blanket (Angel Wrap)– This is not just any wearable blanket. It is one that buttons in the front. When I surveyed my followers a few years ago on the best blankets to get for nursing home residents, the answer was these because they do not get lost as easily and they are easy to get on and off.
  4. Arm Chair Caddy – Something that can go over the arm of their favorite chair or couch and have a place for everything — the remote(s), tissues, phones, etc.
  5. Otte Light – A high quality LED light for those that like to craft. We bought one for my mom for when she crocheted, knitted, or used her sewing machine.
  6. Neck light – I bought this for myself and loved it. I love reading hardcopy books but wanted to be able to read during the night if I could not sleep without turning on a lot of lights. This is SO comfortable to wear. I use it for crocheting too.


  1. Guard Your ID stamp – This is so easy to use and less trouble than using a shredder. I never really thought identity theft could happen to me, but it actually happened to my parents before my mom passed. Someone went to their credit union pretending to be them. Thankfully the bank knew them and shut it down, but I think this would be a great practical gift.
  2. Lap desk for laptop and mouse – We use this all the time.
  3. I Pad Pillow – I have used a couple different types of IPad pillows and like this one the best because it kind of has a little handle on the back and more adjustable than others.
  4. Skylight Frame – We have this frame like this, but it is a calendar (I LOVE IT). However, they make just frames and they are so cool because you can just send a picture to it and it will automatically load! Would be great for grandparents!
  5. Pill Reminder – This is a pill reminder that you can re-use! I always load my prescriptions and supplements into an organizer, but would use this if I only had a few.
  6. Monthly med organizer – Prescription medication adherence is so important. Help them out with a monthly med organizer. Before my mom passed. I did my dad’s meds every week to help him and my mom out.