Aunt Jan Reviews: Tineco Cordless Vacuum A11

Tineco review, 72 year old woman

First things first — My Aunt Jan is like my second mom. She is my mom’s sister-in-law, but they were like sisters. Her and my uncle live in Florida and the last time we visited them she told me she wanted to do a review for the Tineco  Stick Vacuum Cleaner A11 Series  like she did for Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Repair. I told her if she wrote it up, I would post it and give her the money that she makes. It is one of the best reviews ever, and I think she needs to be a regular contributor — don’t you?

Tineco Stick Vacuum Cleaner A11 Series

In my husband and my 51 years of marriage, we have purchased at least 15 vacuums, including
numerous stick vacuums for light weight cleaning of hardwood/tile. At the age of 72, I’ve had back
issues for 30 years (probably in part because of the heavy vacuums wielded around all those years – ha!)
In the last 10 years of retirement, our daughter knew I was repeatedly purchasing stick vacuums that
didn’t last. She told me she purchased a Tineco Stick Vacuum Cleaner, & I thought ‘sure, another
vacuum’. Then she brought it over to our house. O my goodness! Light weight (main power body & the
stick with the largest power brush weigh 5.4 lbs, determined by weighing on scales with & without the
vacuum); great suction; and there is nothing flimsy or cheaply constructed about this vacuum. And,
listen to this – while vacuuming, when dirt noticeably collects in dustbin, all I have to do is walk to a trash
can, press a button (press a button I said!!) and the debris easily releases – then the bin easily clicks back
in place with the force of a pinky finger (I kid you not!!) (a 5-year-old could do this – again, I kid you
Realizing everything my daughter told me about this vacuum was true, a purchase had to be made.
Now I complete 3,100 SF of cleaning without a back ache – I literally don’t even have to bend my back
from start to finish (which I assume is why it doesn’t hurt after vacuuming).
Two weeks ago, after telling a lady about being able to vacuum without bending over or the residual
back ache, she said, “There is no way you can vacuum without bending! How do you put on the
attachments?” So, there was explaining to do – see, most of the attachments actually hook onto the
docking station, and the ones that don’t fit in the tools bag on my laundry room counter next to the wall
Now you have it – all I have to do is take any attachment, put it on the vacuum, use it, and put it back on
the wall mount or counter bag – voila’!!! No bending, no back pain plus clean floors, baseboards, and
everything else I want to clean with it. (I KID YOU NOT��)


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