Salon-style Eyebrows at Home Using Just for Men®

If you have never had your brows tinted, you may not realize how it can help make struggling eyebrows appear fuller and help frame your eyes and face. I love the way freshly tinted brows look and I also love not having to fill in my brows; a win-win.

Enter the discovery of a men’s grooming product – Just for Men, to tint my brows at home for $7 a box, which is about 5 uses which is less than a dollar per tint! I have been using the product for years and have converted quite a few friends along the way. It helps save a bit of money and also helps save trips to the salon and that has become critical in our COVID-19 world.

Below you will find all my tried and true tips and steps for getting salon-style brows at home. After years of practice and years of testing different tint colors – you can trust that I have become a Just for Men subject matter expert – which is a coveted title I cannot brag about in another context other than here, in our blog.

What you need to get started:

The first thing you will need is Just for Men Mustache and Beard Coloring. I usually purchase from Target – they carry in-store and online. If you are interested in purchasing, click the photo or hyperlink above for a direct link to the Just for Men product that works best for eyebrows.

Finding the right shade

Just for Men has tons of color options, which can be a bit intimidating; so I created this chart to help you find the right shade for your tint goal and current hair color.

How-to Steps

Items Needed:

  • Dark-colored washcloth
  • Mirror
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton pads – one soaked in face wash and one soaked in water
  • Plastic Spoolie – I have also used brush in it, it is okay but not as effective as spoolie. Also use back of eyebrow pencil in a pinch.
  • Just for Men Kit – keep the color developer/color, tray, brush, and instructions. I keep my “tint” kit in a separate cosmetic bag for ease-of-use
  • Vaseline or some sort of barrier (I use Cerave Healing Ointment)
  • Dermaplane shaver, I like the Tinkle Shavers on Amazon best. The shaver pictured is another brand which I do not like as much.
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow Pencil – My HG product is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
  • Optional: Grooming scissors for trimming brows – this is not something I use every time I tint, probably about once a month

The Steps to Perfect Brows:

  1. Grab items from the Just for Men box that you will need; I keep the color developer and the color (of course) the plastic tray. Tip: Wipe eyebrow with dry wash cloth to remove any makeup or residue. I usually start with a clean face to make it easier.
  2. Apply Vaseline of Cerave Healing Ointment to Q-Tip, cover Q-Top generously. Apply Vaseline or ointment to areas you do not want tinted, as a barrier. If any Vaseline gets in brow area you want to tint, use clean Q-Tip to try to remove and then carefully wipe with washcloth.
  3. Mix Just for Men Color Developer and Color Base in included plastic tray. I place a dot about the size of a pea of each and then mix with back of spoolie or the brush included in the kit. Wipe off any excess color from mixing tool of choice.
  4. Dip spoolie into color mix and coat generously. Brush back and forth in eyebrow to ensure you get to the hairs under top coat. After coating, brush in correct direction of your brows. Make sure you coat the smaller hairs at the front of brow – I feel this is what really makes them look professional.
  5. Wait the alotted time based on chart above! While I wait I usually clean the spoolie and tray with dish soap. You may look like Groucho Marx while you wait for tint to develop – this is totally normal, keep in mind the tint color you see develop on top of brows will not match the color that develops on each hair.
  6. When time is up – use the soap-coated cotton pad and wipe it across each brow one at a time, then run the water pad across each brow. If needed, wet washcloth and run across brows to remove any residue and lightly scrub any tint remaining on skin. Anything remaining on skin will fade quickly when you wash your face.
  7. Get ready to clean up our brows! I line my natural brow shape with eyebrow pencil on arch and above brow to create by clean-up guideline. Tweeze any hairs outside guideline under arch.
  8. Pull eyebrow taut and use tinkle shaver (same type I use for dermaplaning, FYI) to very carefully clean up any stray hairs above the top of brow guideline. If you are new to tinkle shavers, try cleaning up hairs near ear first to get used to them. They are very easy to use and very inexpensive!
  9. Admire your brows! Do not use any harsh skincare ingredients near the top of your brows where you used shaver for a day or so to lessen change of irritation.

Check out the step-by-step pictorial. Sorry in advance for the weird mirror face and close-up skin shots!

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