What is left of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is finally open to the public starting tomorrow, August 19th at 9:30 AM EST. YAY! You can jump to the following sections below:

We originally broke down our picks in our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Breakdown post, but it has some items that are now out of stock. Therefore, I thought it would be easier to update our favorite picks that are actually available to purchase. Wait – did I just use “therefore” in a blog post?

The Top Ten Nordstrom Sale Purchases from My Sister Made Me Buy It

Top Ten - Still in Stock for Nordstrom Sale

From left to right:

  • Moonlight Dream Sleepshirts, $29.90Currently only available in regular sizing, but they could restock the plus before the sale opens to the public tomorrow
    • Not surprised these were the number one seller. The softest pajamas that do not pill + a sleep shirt? That is why I bought two.
  • The North Face Swirl Mossbud Reversible Jacket, $63 – $77Available in Toddler to Young Adult sizes
    • I was surprised to see these as the #2 item, but it makes sense. I love The North Face jackets — especially for little kids because they are reversible. You don’t have to worry about you or your kids putting it on the wrong side out. Plus — the resale value is so good for The North Face. They still have boy jackets left too.
  • Moonlight Dream Pajamas, $39.90– Currently available in regular size, but they could restock the plus before the sale opens tomorrow.
    • These were just in stock for plus sizes an hour ago… I think they are shutting down ordering on some things to reserve stock for tomorrow..
  • Revitalash Eyelash Serum, $98Currently available, but will quickly sell out
    • I mean did you see my results? My results plus the fact that it is a 6 month (or more) supply for $98 — yes. Sign me up!
  • Nordstrom Earrings, $26 – Currently available
    • These are Missy’s favorite everyday earrings (the studs). I personally like the rectangles the best because they seem vintage.
  • T3 Curling Iron 1 1/4 inch, $107 – Currently available in Navy Blue
    • LOVE THIS CURLING IRON. I have the white one, but it is sold out. I have tried so many curling irons, and this one is just the best and it is one of the best prices for it. It makes my hair hold curl for a whole day, which is hard to do with my fine hair. I also love that it has the switch at the bottom, so you cannot accidentally turn it off while curling your hair.
  • Pearl Necklace, $39.90 – Currently available, but will probably sell out
    • This was one of the things I REALLY wanted, but it sold out the first day Influencers could shop. However, there are some in stock tonight ( I scored one!), but they will probably quickly. Just keep checking, though!
  • Framed Wall Art – Abstract, $28.90 – Currently Available
    1. Okay, can we just acknowledge that I picked out something home decor related and people liked it enough to click on it? The artist has a ton of framed prints available, but I loved this one. The colors are gorgeous together and I have never seen anything like it.
  • Zella Live-In Leggings, $39.90 – Currently Available in Regular, Plus, and Maternity
    • I am surprised to see these leggings down so low in the rankings, but I can only track what people initially click on — not their whole order. So I am just hoping that people actually bought the best leggings in the world. They are so soft. Compress enough. AND don’t look like workout leggings so you can actually wear them with boots and a cardigan. I love them.
  • NEST Fragrances Grapefruit, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt and Bamboo Votive Candle Trio, $32 – Currently Available
    1. I love NEST Fragrances candles. They are SO fragrant for how small they are. These are the votive size, so they are even smaller than the $42 sized candles, but I wanted the variety. It is so difficult to make it into the store these days and actually smell things, that I thought it would be nice to be able to actually burn the scents and see how they do in my house.

Is the sale worth it?

This was my first Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as a card holder. Yes, I did just get a card for the sale. Actually, no. I got it because I do shop at Nordstrom a lot and they were offering $60 if you signed up. Add that to the $60 I received from spending a certain amount on my Birkenstocks ( I knew they would not go on sale), and it was worth it to me!

Everyone says that the sale gets worse every year, but I am not a big designer brand shopper. I like the sale because I like Nordstrom house brands, but understand why there would be disappointment if you are used to the days of really great sales, shopping in person, long lines, etc.

I had fun this year at the sale, and it ended up turning into a great memory with my sister. I can see how this sale brings about nostalgia for a lot of people. That is what is important — making memories. And spending money, I guess.

We will make a commission off of any of the links you use to purchase from the sale at no extra cost to you. However, the picks are my own and are in no way influenced by the amount of commission I could receive. These picks are all from my data about who has bought what! These are truly top sellers!

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