Vacation Envy Made Me Buy It

I always look forward to the summer every year. This year is a little different because of how the pandemic has impacted everyone’s plans. We (Sarah’s family) had to cancel our spring break trip down to Florida, our trip to Cancun this July for a wedding, and our annual family trip. Bummer. However, we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep our family and others’ loved ones safe!

We decided since we have saved so much money cancelling vacations, not having daycare, swim, etc. to re-do our backyard. The deck is a mess and we never go out there because the support beams are not close enough together. We are investing in a screened-in portion of our deck, a new deck portion with that material we never have to stain, and a new paver patio. I am pretty excited! That being said, I have not yet invested in new patio furniture, but Missy has!

This is a collage of things Missy has purchased or is on her list to purchase for her “vacation at-home” summer. These items are either from Target (Memorial Day sale), Home Depot, or Amazon.

Two things of importance in this photo:

  1. The LED lights are amazing. They seem expensive, but you get 48 sq.feet for that price. You can choose smaller sq. ft as needed. Missy has had them for 6 years and has yet to have a bulb burn out. Definitely worth the investment!
  2. The chaise lounger from Home Depot is DURABLE. It has a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs! The pad is from Target, but is so comfortable, it is worth shopping at two different places. The price is only $109, I am not sure why it is showing up as $229.
Shop the items below!

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