Sheets, Nespresso, and NuFace: Past Labor Day Purchases

Fall Dread = Labor Day Spending

Surprise! I am not someone who LOVESSSSS fall, like OMG. I love the cool evenings and the smell of fall, but I dread it. It just means winter is that much closer.

I don’t know how to transition from the basic weather/season small talk to also say that I hate fall because it reminds me of death. Hahaha. Another reason I am bad at small talk. See, you thought you were getting a Labor Day sales post, but I am also going to talk about death. They are related — I promise!

My mom parents both passed away in October. My dad’s mom passed away in early October. My dad’s dad passed away in early December. Great aunts and uncles have passed away in October. My mom passed away in November. I have great memories during fall too, but I do get this sense of dread once it starts.

I probably need to talk about this with my therapist, but I think my fall anxiety is why I shop so much during the Labor Day sale. I use shopping and napping as an escape mechanism. Also — the sales. SO MANY SALES. And good deals. I can remember the last three years of my big Labor Day purchases and I would buy 2 out of the 3 again!

Past Labor Day Purchases

The past few Labor Days, I have made a few investments during the sales.

2017Brookstone Luxe Sateen Sheet SetYES
2018Nespresso Vertuo BundleYES
2019 Nuface MiniNO

2017: The Year I Invested in Internet Sheets

James and I have a King-sized bed, so anytime we go to purchase sheets, it is always an investment. I love a freshly-made bed, so buying sheets that would be soft and durable was very important to me.

Brooklinen had a 20% off sale in 2017, so I purchased the “Luxe Hardcore Bundle,” which included a duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 4 pillowcases.

We bought the Luxe Sateen because I LOVE soft sheets and they had the best reviews. They did not disappoint. It really is a great value for all that you get. They get softer every time we wash them and they have held up so well. We still have them — no tears or holes!

This year, Brooklinen has a 15% off sale so you can get a Luxe Sateen hardcore bundle starting at $193.90! I mean, it is a steal for all that you get! Having a duvet that is just as comfortable as your sheets? HEAVEN.

2018: The Year I Invested in At-Home Coffee

James and I had used a Keurig coffee maker since we moved in together. I would not call myself a coffee snob by any means. I just need a rich coffee taste, but never tasted that with the K Cups. Plus, I hated that I could not recycle the used cups.

Enter 2018. We were planning on going on a trip together. We booked an all-inclusive in Punta Cana. I was the MOST excited about the Nespresso machine in the room. Lattes everyday?! YES. Talk about vacation.

We ended up cancelling that trip because I wanted to try for another baby, and the Zika risk was too high if we wanted to start trying. However, I could not stop thinking about the Nespresso machine. At this point, I was stopping at Starbucks every morning to get an iced triple espresso to mix with my protein shake. So, I needed to find a way to make iced espresso at home. Without actually having to try that hard.

Enter the Labor Day Nespresso sale. We ended up buying this model directly from Nespresso and LOVE it. I think we paid $200 for it. My only qualm is that you have to order the capsules directly from Nespresso, but the coffee and espresso IS SO GOOD, you do not care. Plus, it is free and fast shipping. Oh and did I mention you can recycle the pods?

2019: The Year I Invested In My Face

I love Kathleen Jennings. She is gorgeous. Her skin is gorgeous. So when she talked about the NuFace, I had to buy it.

Now, I am not saying I do not love the NuFace — it really can make a difference in the appearance of your face. The only problem for me is what a time commitment it is at first. When you first start using it, you have to use it like every day for 6 weeks. While it is only three minutes of use every day, it is like the LONGEST three minutes of your life. Even longer than when you are hungry at the hotel breakfast bar and waiting for your Belgian Waffle to finish.

If you have the time and don’t mind the extra three minutes a day, I think it is a great investment. I really noticed a difference in how lifted my face looked when I was using it consistently.

I purchased mine for $150, which is what the price is right now at Sephora for a NuFace, but they are out of stock. They have it at Skinstore right now for $159, plus you get $165 worth of a free gift.

What Will I Buy This Year?

Well, not a lot. Barry (our dog), had to have like $2k worth of vet surgeries because of some rare form of skin cancer that he is. He does not have to do doggy chemo or anything, they just remove it. The vet said it will go away on its own. Weird. Anyways, I have had to watch my spending a little more closely.

Which means, I am not watching my spending. Hahah. I am not making any bigger purchases like I did in past years, but instead spending $50 here and there. Which still adds up to the same $200. It makes sense in my head.

If you have any questions – let me know in the comments! You can always shop our Instagram by going to our “Shop My Instagram” page.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Which means I could make a commission off of the links if you were to purchase from them at no extra cost to you. I appreciate it if you buy through my links as I can make money to invest back into this little venture of mine. However, I never recommend something just for the commission. That is not how we play!

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