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The Sisters Break Down the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Buckle up babes. It is Nordstrom Anniversary Sale season. Which means endless amounts of posts on the sale and what you should buy. It is almost as annoying as when Billie releases influencer ads all at the same time and you have to listen to the same ad over and over again from your favorite influencers.

I will admit… I went into a lot of detail in this post. If there is something you want to see or where you want to start here are the “chapters” for this blog:

When does the sale start?

The sale starts at different times based on your Nordstrom member status — similar to Ulta and Sephora during their big sales. The sale ends on August 31st, and all of the prices go back to pre-sale price. If there is even anything left. Most of the good stuff goes quickly. I guess it is their way to entice you to spend $15k a year there. Target needs spending levels. That is a store I would qualify for Icon level. Half of the spend is probably from the Dollar Spot, too.

Nordy Club LevelShopping Start DateAnnual Spend
IconAugust 4th, 2020$15k +
AmbassadorAugust 7th, 2020$5k +
InfluencersAugust 10th, 2020$2k +
InsidersAugust 13th, 2020$500+ or cardholder
Everyone August 19th, 2020$0 to $499
Nordy Club Sale Access and Annual Spend Requirements

What is the best deal at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

I just recently started to shop this sale, but Missy has always shopped it since she used to work at Nordstrom. She even had to miss a family vacation once because of it. It is a big deal there.

You know I pay attention to deals — like all year. Stores are feeling the pressure with the pandemic to draw shoppers in, so they have been offering more discounts. I mean even Nordstrom had a 25% off everything sale this year. That made me nervous.

Needless to say, a lot of this stuff is a good deal, but the price is not exclusive to just this one time of the year. Of course there are exceptions, and that is why we are breaking down the sale for you!

All of our links to the items are affiliate links. This means we could earn a commission if you visit the Nordstrom site via our links. However, we are only recommending things we have purchased ourselves or will be purchasing this year. This is not our sole source of income, so you can trust that we are not just shelling Nordstrom pajamas for money. I mean, it would be nice if you purchased through our links because this post has taken me about 8 hours to complete, but you do you.

Our Top 3 Picks

Top Three Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

We found a lot of things that we love and use are on sale during this sale. However, there are three things that we highly recommend buying now, as it is the lowest price we have seen all year.

#1 Favorite: Moonlight Pajamas

Missy made me buy these last year during the sale AND I NEVER LOOKED BACK. These are seriously the softest, most comfortable pajamas. I even deemed them my favorite buy of 2019! Which is why I bought three pairs last year, and two of those I paid full-price for! I would pay shipping for these! They are THAT good.

I have seen a lot of accounts say that the Target brand Stars Above is a dupe for these pajamas. Or that there are some Amazon dupes. I can contest — they are not. They look the same, but the quality is completely different. Not as soft — and they end up pilling. Missy ended up donating her Target brand ones because they became so rough to the touch.

There are different version of the pajamas, but they are all made from the same material. They range in price from $25 to $40 and this is the cheapest they will get all year. I promise you. Because I am obsessed with them and stalked them to go on sale throughout the year and they did not go lower than this price. They also have different inventories throughout the year, so this is the most stocked I have seen the pajamas.

I included both the regular and plus-sized version of each pajama type. There are several different colorways available, so just

#2 Favorite: Zella Live-In Leggings

These leggings are life-changing. Or at least life-changing to people who have never been able to fit into Lululemon leggings. I have only ever been able to fit into their headbands there. There is a reason they are almost 5-stars with 6.1k reviews.

Missy and my sister-in-law told me about these leggings – they hold you in where you need, they don’t fall down, and they have a cotton-y feel to them (not that slick legging material) so you can wear them as actual leggings. You can also wear them to work-out in, but I have yet to work out in any of my work-out clothes.

The leggings go on sale throughout the year, but it is usually the different colors that go on sale — it is rare that the black ones go on sale. I have never seen the price drop below what it is during the sale (40% off), so I recommend buying now.

#3 Favorite: Revitalash

We have tried them all — well I have not tried Neulash. Missy and I went in together on this Revitalash deal last year — you get 2 for the price of one! This is the cheapest it gets. Previously, lash serums would either not work for as much as I spent or they made my eyes feel dry — almost like sand was in them.

I applied the Revitalash serum every night after my evening skin routine — just to the top of my lashes. I also applied some to the bald spots in my eyebrows, because why not? After about 4 weeks of consistent use, I definitely noticed a difference in my eyelashes. 8 weeks in, I was getting comments on my eyelashes all the time. 12 weeks in — haha… I have never done anything 12 weeks in a row in my life. So I cannot tell you, how it worked.

I do know that after using it consistently for about two months, I did not have to use it as consistently ( I went down to 3-4 times a week) to keep my eyelash length. It also helped with my eyebrow bald spots!

I wish we were the type of people who could just stop at 3, but we are not. We still found a lot of our favorites on sale and wanted to feature those as well.

Nordstrom Sale: $35 and Under

$35 and Under Nordstrom Picks

From left to right:

  1. The Moonlight Pajamas: I mean, you already read about these. They are so good.
  2. Quay Sunglasses, $35.90: I have never had a pair of Quay sunglasses but have almost bought them 86 times. These are the best price I have seen on the cat-eye ones I have had my eye on.
  3. Nordstrom Throw, $24.90: These come in so many different colors and are so soft. I have not bought one yet because I know they go on sale during this sale. They also get down to this price during Black Friday, but sell out quickly.
  4. Art, $28.90: I just liked this print — only $28 and it comes with a frame!
  5. Necessaire Body Wash and Lotion, $35: The constant influencer ads and social media ads are getting to me. I am having FOMO and need to try it. You know, for research.
  6. Nest Votive Candles, $32: I bought my first Nest candle this year — wow! They are incredible. I have only used Bath and Body Works candles before, and had no idea how much candles could vary! There is a reason these candles are expensive — the fragrance throw is amazing! I have only tried Bamboo, so I want to get this set to try other fragrances. I have also found the full-sized candles at a 27% discount throughout the year.
  7. Gold Huggie Earrings, $22.90: I love huggie earrings and have found the Nordstrom brand of earrings to be durable and non-irritating.
  8. Nordstrom CZ Gold Earrings, $26.90: Missy swears by these earrings. I have yet to try, but she buys a new pair every year. This is not the only time of year they are this price — they often go on sale, but I have never seen them lower than this price.
  9. Nordstrom Clear Gold Earrings, $26.90: Neither Missy nor I have these, but I think they are gorgeous — vintage look that will never go out of style.

Nordstrom Sale: $35 to $50

$35 to $50 Nordstrom Sale Picks

From left to right:

  • Moonlight Dream Pajamas (long-sleeved), $39.90
  • Zella Live-In Leggings, $38.90
  • Zella Restore Joggers (Regular), $45.90: I have never purchased these, but I want to try them out. I cannot fit into the regular size, but will be purchasing the plus-size. I have not found one thing that Zella does wrong, but joggers are easy to mess up. They have these in two different colors – grey and black.
  • Zella Live-In Pocket Pants, $38.90: These are the plus-sized joggers I want to buy. They are not exactly the same as the Restore Joggers, but it is the only type of jogger I saw in the plus-sized section.
  • Spanx Thinstincts Open Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit – Regular, $42.90 OR Spanx Thinstincts Open Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit – Plus, $42.90: These are 50% off! Spanx never go on sale — well they do — but it is rare and definitely not half off. This is Missy’s pick. She uses this body suit with dresses she wears out in public. Me? I do not bother. Missy has an hour glass shape, and I have an apple shape. It does not matter what kind of shape wear I put on, I still look like a hershey kiss on stilts. So why bother? And I mean that in a body-positive way. I love hershey kisses.
  • Striped Dobby Shirt (Regular) and Striped Dobby Shirt (Plus), $38.90 I love the look of these shirts. I have a striped Dobby shirt that I need to return because it is too big, but love the look of it. It is a timeless piece that will never go out of style, which is why it is a good investment piece. It is also made out of a linen-blend so it is a little scratchy at first, but will get softer over time.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Spray – 8 oz, $42: This is our favorite setting spray. This is a great price for it. Urban Decay has been having a lot of their own sales, but I have not seen this on sale for this low. The only exception is during Christmas time. They usually sell 2 -4 oz bottles for the price of one. Definitely worth the investment.
  • Madewell Leather Pouch, Rainbow, $39.90: Madewell has their own sales throughout the year, but rarely are their leather goods this discounted. This is on Missy’s list this year!
  • Pearl Frontal Necklace, $39.90: I have been looking for a delicate pearl necklace like this to layer with my Gorjana necklace. I love the look of the chain and the small pearls. I have no idea if this one goes on sale again, but I am assuming it does since it is the same brand as the earrings.

Nordstrom Sale: $50 to $100

$50 to $100 Nordstrom Sale Picks

From left to right:

  • Revitalash, $98
  • Madewell Transport Leather Bag, $99: Missy and I both have the Transport Leather bag and love it. It is genuine leather and the longer you have it, the softer it gets. Missy wants this one because she likes the rainbow design.
  • Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Set, $79: Missy loves Jo Malone. She likes how all of her scents can be layered together. Jo Malone NEVER goes on sale. Except for Sephora discounts. So this is a good deal if you like this scent.
  • Olaplex Set, $84: I love #3 Olaplex. It is a game changer for your hair. This contains a 8.5 oz #3, which retails for $56. Basically you are getting the shampoo or conditioner free with this set!
  • Nest candles, Grapefruit and Sicilian Tangerine, $56: See above about Nest candles — they are amazing. They last a long time and the scent fills your whole house. This is a great deal because usually one candle is $42 — so you are getting them each for $28.
  • Jo Malone Travel Sized Cologne Set, $79: Again, Jo Malone rarely goes on sale. This is a great set to buy because you can try out five different scents: Nectarine Blossom and Honey, English Pear and Freesia, Wild Bluebell, Peony and Blush Suede, and Wood Sage and Sea Salt.
  • The North Face Girls Reversible Jacket (Girls) or Toddler size, $63: I bought Rebecca this coat two years ago. We love it. I sized up at the time so she could wear it for more than one season. My favorite part of this coat is that it is reversible. If you have ever tried to get a coat on a kid — you will understand why this is important — regardless of what side it is on, they can still wear it . It is also good for kids still learning how to put on their coat. I know it sounds crazy to spend so much money on a kids jacket, but you will make at least half back in resell because they hold their value so well. Great investment!
  • The North Face Boys Jacket, $69: I dont know why they do not make a boys reversible jacket. A miss on their part — kids suck at putting on their coats.

Nordstrom Sale: $100 + Over

$100 and Over Nordstrom Sale Picks

These are not things I am buying from the Nordstrom sale, but things I already have. Nordstrom has an amazing return policy, so if I am buying an expensive electronic, I try to get from either Nordstrom or Costco.

From left to right:

  • T3 1 1/14 Barrel Curling Iron White OR Navy, $107 I just bought this curling iron from Ulta with a 20% off coupon and it was $100. They do not get much cheaper than this unless it is during a special sale. I got the 1 inch because my hair is shorter, but I LOVE IT. My favorite thing about this is that you have to twist the bottom to turn it on and off so NO MORE ACCIDENTALLY TURNING OFF YOUR CURLING IRON IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING YOUR HAIR. I also have very frizzy hair and this does an amazing job at smoothing it out and curling. It is 100% worth the money because I have tried every curling out there.
  • The North Face Thermoball Eco-Hooded Jacket, $163: I hate wearing coats, so I love finding coats that keep you warm, but are still light-weight. This is the coat to do that. The North Face rarely goes on sale, especially during season. It also has great re-sale value so if you gained some extra weight during the pandemic and need to buy a new size, you can always sell your old one. Not that I would know anything about that, though.
  • GHD 1 inch straightener/styler, $166: This is the straightener that I use. I bought it about 2 years ago from Costco for my birthday because my other straightener had broken. I did A TON of research on the best straightener for fine, frizzy hair and this one came up over and over again as a good option. The weird thing about it is that it does not have more than one heat setting — which is why it is healthier for your hair. However, it still works so well because unlike other straighteners that only have one heat component this has several heating components under both plates so you get a consistent heat throughout the plates. I have a lot less damage to my hair since buying this. You can also use it to curl your hair for that beachy-waves look, but I think a curling iron is easier. I bought mine at Costco for $150, but I am not sure they have them online anymore. If you do not have a Costco membership, this is the time to buy — it is a fantastic deal!

Wowsers. That was a long post. I literally have finger cramps. Ugh. I set out to just do a top three, but I couldn’t help myself. I hope this helps you! Please let me a comment and let me know what you are getting!

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