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I am always so exhausted on Fridays. Actually, I am exhausted every night. But not so exhausted that I can sleep — no way, that would make too much sense.

There were two things I invested in after my mom passed and I become a sandwich generation caregiver (mom to a 5 year old + caretaker to a 65 year old): house cleaning once a month and monthly facials or massages. Oh and a lot of different skincare products.

Skincare is an important part of my self-care routine. Since I have not been able to partake in some of my favorite self care pastimes (facials!), I decided I would use my birthday money and Mother’s Day gifts to invest in some at-home facial tools — and tonight I used both of them!

Step One: Facial Steamer

The first thing I bought was a facial steamer. I used to hate this part of facials, but now it is my favorite part. I love how the steam feels on my skin and how it opens up my pores so that it is easier for extractions. The one that I bought not only serves as a facial steamer — it is also a towel warmer! It is just the best. It has almost 5 stars on Amazon and was on backorder more than a month after I ordered it! It was $50, but still cheaper than a lot of the other options I had researched.

It was so easy to use! I used distilled water and filled up the water reservoir. Then I plugged it in and put the dial on “facial steamer.” After about 10 minutes of facial steaming, I warmed up a washcloth using the “towel warmer” function for 5 minutes. HEAVEN. It also comes with 5 blackhead removal tools, so I used one of those for extractions (after watching a video on how to use them).

Step Two: BeautyBIO GloPRO

The next step of my facial was using the GloPro I bought myself for Mother’s Day. There was a great sale on HSN and I had to try it out because Kathleen Jennings listed it as one of her favorite skincare tools in this post. It intrigued me, so then I read her post from 2017 where she talks about the GloPro’s “poreless-ness” effect and I was sold! Apparently the LED light combined with the microneedling helps create micro channels in your skin so that your skin absorbs product better and increases the rate at which it produces collagen.

I ended up watching this video to make sure I knew how to do it correctly and only did it on my face — I did not do it on my neck or decolletage. It made my face a little tingly, but it did not hurt at all. As soon as I finished, I applied the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum to my face and followed it up with the Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating mask. Let me tell you, the CR mask usually sets on my face throughout the night, but it was ABSORBED in like 5 minutes!! Like water in a desert, the serum and mask were quickly absorbed into my skin. It must work!😊

While I was googling Glo-Pro how-tos, I realized that QVC is having a sale on them this weekend. 25% off!! If you feel like splurging (or not splurging and do 3 after pays), I recommend it! I have used it twice now and can definitely tell a difference in the plumpness of my skin.

Step Three: Comfy Bras

Okay, this actually has nothing to do with my facial, but I just realized it is 1:50 AM and I am still wearing my bra. Since I have been working from home since March, I never want to wear a real bra. Bralettes every day please! For size reference, I am a B/C cup, so my back does not hurt when I wear bralettes all day. Missy and I were blessed with different sets of genetics when it comes to our chests.

Anyways, thankfully I went to the Hanes website to search for white sweats to make my own tie-dye sweatsuit (thanks TikTok!) and found these $13 bras that looked so comfortable. I thought — they are $13 and there is free shipping — why not?

The came today and I put one on right away — OH MY GOSH. HOW IS THIS ONLY $13?! Not only is it so comfortable, but it is supportive AND smoothing. If you buy anything from this post, this would be my top recommendation. I mean it has 2092 ratings and 4.5 stars on — not a website you usually see fake reviews! It is available in sizes Small – 3XL. If you cannot find your size on the Wal-Mart website, they had a lot of inventory on the Hanes website.

Nothing like ending a post with a half-naked woman. You know — now that I have seen the model, I am re-thinking my decision to not GloPRO my neck and decolletage.

Note: the links provided in this blog entry are affiliate links. I do make a small amount of money off of these links. However, I would never recommend something I would not use myself or do use myself, so rest assured — these recommendations are coming from the heart. I mean otherwise I would be linking bras that cost more than $13.

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