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Bath & Beauty

Missy loves this Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak. Me — I hate baths. However, I have been tempted to buy this because TIBAL likes it too. If both Missy and TIBAL tell me to buy something, I usually listen. Missy said it makes your skin so smooth and smells great! It is usually $32, but only $24 with the sale.

I love this mask set by Peter Thomas Roth. This is a great value — only $14.25 to try 5 masks! You can get at least 3 masks out of each tube. My favorite is the pumpkin enzyme one. I have featured it on our IG before — it exfoliates and sloughs away dead skin. I also like the rose stem cell mask for plumping and the cucumber mask for moisture.

These LAPCOS Pearl Brightening masks were my first IG post! I love them so much. They are moisturizing and brightening and smell SO GOOD. Usually they are $14 for 5 masks, which is so affordable. With the sale they are $10.50, which makes the masks just a little over $2 a piece. Good cart addition if you are trying to meeting that $50 free shipping minimum.

Home Accessories

I never knew I needed a re-chargeable USB lighter, until I needed a re-chargeable USB lighter. This thing is amazing. It does not use a flame to light candles, but instead uses an electric current. This makes it so much easier to light candles that are almost burned down without the risk of burning yourself. Instead of running out of lighter fluid, you can re-charge and keep using. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon, but they are not as cute as the ones at Anthrolopologie. I have the rose gold one and I can leave it out with the candles because it looks so cute. We just got done re-doing Rebecca’s playroom so that it is a playroom/office area. I needed some new notepads to write on since we are not sure how long we will be working from home. Not only are these cute, but I love that they are a list format. Only $8! And they will make me excited to work!


I love this phone case, which was why I posted it a few months ago. It is so cute and I always get SO many compliments about it. I was nervous getting it because usually cute cases don’t actually protect your phone. However, my phone has been dropped about 67 times since I put the case on, and it is still running and not cracked. Highly recommend!

I have been eyeing this crossbody for so long. It is so cute. I love that it is leopard, but not obnoxious leopard, you know? It is currently on sale for $40, but with the extra 25% off it is only $30! What a deal. You could use it year round too since it is so light and goes with everything.

Holy smokes. This cross body is also SO SO cute. It is originally $78, $58.25 with the extra 25% off. It will go with everything and I think it could even be used year-round, if you buy a new strap. I love purses that have detachable straps — you can reinvent the bag just by buying a new strap!

As usual, we do make a small commission off of our picks, but it pales in comparison to the savings from our green onion re-growth. Any of our commissions are re-invested back into our blog/IG and obviously testing out new things for you!

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