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Sisters: The Original Influencers

Hi! I am Sarah. I am 35 and am the oldest of three – which include my younger sister and brother. Missy is my sister. She is 34 and is not your classic middle child. For the first eight years of my sister’s life, I influenced her. I influenced her to do things like:

  • Jump in the pool without her floaties (she almost drowned)
  • Clean our room by herself
  • Break the rules, since I would never
  • Pick on my little brother
  • Do my chores
  • Play school — and I always got to be the teacher and she had to be the student. ( She can thank me for her high ACT scores)

Then, at some point, she started to influence me. Like for everything. Fashion, skincare, makeup (although, I have always loved makeup), hair, house, etc. Missy has always had an eye for fashion and trends — and I have always had an eye for things like office supplies.

This blog started out to be something to post all about the things we influenced each other to buy. However, as we started, we realized we needed to be a channel for something that many bloggers/influencers do not talk about — caregiving.

Missy, my brother, and I started to care for my 65-year-old father after my mom passed. We are so lucky to have each other and have learned so much along the way. So… we maybe the first beauty/skincare/fashion/food/caregiving blog?

Our mission is to share what we buy, use, and love to help others in their daily lives. We also want to connect with our audience and provide a sense of community for our readers. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.